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Voice changes are trying for all adolescents; making vocal progress during a voice change is even more frustrating. What can a teacher do to help students who are struggling physically and emotionally through this awkward period? Be Patient. This is advice for all parties involved! Instructors need to be patient when it comes to temporarily changing teaching strategies and technical goals. Students need to be patient while...

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When students start private lessons, it would be reasonable to expect that his/her lesson would be focused on the instrument they’re most excited about. Voice lessons are no exception – after all, singers want to sing! As far as instruments go, the barrier to entry for singing lessons is as low as it gets: you already own the instrument, and you already know how to...

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By Alyssa Cowell We offer formal vocal training at The Catoctin School of Music. Many times students sign up for voice lessons expecting to learn a new song every week, or practice singing songs that they hear on YouTube or Spotify. This is not the purpose of voice lessons. Formal vocal training is all about evaluating a student’s current vocal technique and teaching them to change...

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