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Our Planet

How We Work

Proof of climate change is undeniable. While the debate continues on whether the change is caused by humans, Studio Helper mitigates our carbon footprint regardless of who or what is to blame.

Studio Helper employees work from virtual home offices. As a result, there is no daily commuting. This reduces carbon emissions, and the negative health effects commutes can have.

Our remote team also operates in a paperless environment (aside from the rare document), including the products we sell. Doing everything electronically means no trees need to be cut down for paper, and no trucks or planes needed to ship materials across the world. We don’t miss using printer ink, which has negative impacts on the environment and also happens to be more expensive than fancy champagne!

We also noticed two positive side-effects of operating a remote team:

  1. We get to disregard geography & hire the very best talent anywhere, with no obstacle of relocating or sourcing team members geographically.
  2. Keep overhead lower which keeps our pricing down and allows us to focus on delivering value and not solely margins.

We have no plans to change operating in a remote environment and will continue to reap the benefits it has on our company, customers, and planet.